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Cypress High School

Carl Morrison


Creating Web Pages with Claris Home Page

(Currently called FileMaker Pro Home Page)


You will need two training manuals and accompanying files. These files MAY be on a disk for you to borrow or on the hard drive or on the Internet at:

If not: You may obtain them at an internet-connected computer (either Mac or PC) from



Go to this site now, if you have permission from Mr. Morrison, and download both "Product Solution #1" (418k) and "Product Solution #2" (200+K). They will be downloaded onto the computer's hard drive. You will have to expand/unzip them onto your data disk(s).

Go to a computer with a printer and open Sol.1 file. Click the footer and insert your name to the left (<---) of the words: Claris Home Page.... then print the 10 page manual and pick it up at the printer.

To eliminate a bottleneck at the printer, print Sol.2 after you finish with Sol.1.

Using the manual you just printed, and a computer with Claris Home Page, V. 1 or above complete the "Claris Home Page Product Solution #1" Tutorial. (On page 2, use this as the first instruction #4: From Pick A Color dialog box, make Red = 100%, Green = 100%, Blue = 100%)

After this Tutorial, print #2 and complete it.

Student Name: ______________________________Claris Home Page Instructions for Macintosh Page # 10/3/98