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What can I do with an Internet Connection in my classroom?

by Carl Morrison,

  1. Check web sites you read about in the morning paper, or go directly to the paper, or get an e-copy of something you read in the paper and duplicate it for your class

    <>, <>, <>

  2. Check sites you heard about last night on TV


  3. Check the freeway conditions before you head for home

  4. E-mail people you don't have time to call (or don't have access to a phone in your room) colleagues, counselors


  5. E-mail parents so the message is at home that evening for them to read.

    Have students give you their parent's e-mail address the first day of class.

  6. E-mail school district personnel who have a terminal, at this site or district wide, everyone from Jan down

    Supt. Billings: <>,

    Arlene <>,

    Dr. Brennan <>,


  7. Sign up for free web-based e-mail so you can check your mail on ANY computer in the world that is connected. And, have your address book and old mail saved on their server for access Anywhere you go online.


  8. E-mail textbook vendors, school supply companies, computer vendors, etc.


  9. Go to web sites for subject-specific lesson plans


  10. Go to colleague's pages for teacher links and teacher pages


  11. Look at school web pages around the world as a model for your page


  12. Read e-mail assignments students have sent you. Grade them on screen. Record the grades in you on-screen gradebook. Return the graded 'papers' via e-mail having never lifted a red pen nor #2 pencil!


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