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Mr. Morrison's Links for Students and Colleagues

Computer Using Educators Conference, May 8-10, 1998
A report to colleagues and administration on my conference experience.
Cypress College Intro. to Internet Class
The schedule for "Intro. to Internet" and "Web Page Authoring/HTML," Spr. 1998
1. Cypress College Student Internet Resources
The On-Line Tutorials for Intro. to Internet
Your first task in all my classes is to sign up for free web-based e-mail. Go here to do that or to send/read your e-mail.
Free Web Page Space and Tutorials
Create and Post your own web page Free! I like ( Just click "Free Homepage Builder." Thanks for this address, Sheen LeDuc
My AOL Home Page
Like Photographs? Chech out the seciton: "Friends of Photography" here.
Sample Sound Byte (from our Son's Wedding)
Matt's song to Abby at their wedding. Engineered by Paul Cunningham.
Sample Web Page
Pictures taken with 35 mm camera and scanned. Text written in Claris Home page.
For my Cypress High Colleagues
This section is for faculty only (just like the restrooms are labeled...but hopefully more beneficial).
3. Cypress College Student Internet Resources
HTML - Illustrated Bried Edition - ISBN 0-7600-4608-5 Downloads
2. Cypress College Student Internet Resources
Publishing on the Web - Featuring Netscape Navigator Gold Software, Illustrated Brief Edition - ISBN 0-7600-4650-6 - Downloads
TechKNOWLEDGEy Assistance for Beginning Teachers
My 1998 - 2001 Mentor Plan for AUHSD
Web Page Workshop 4/20/98 Handouts
Cypress High School Faculty
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
These are questions I've answered before, so look here for the answer before asking me in person. Thanks, I'll add more as they are asked and I find the answer.
For My Cypress High Students
These pages are for you, click and get what you need.
Mac Addict (magazine) FAQ site.
If this MacFixIt page doesn't have the answer, try the very helpful subpage of utilities, both freeware and shareware, at:
Cypress College Intro. to Internet Class
Click this site for information about your class.

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Photo Credit: C.Morrison, 3/15/98, Chino Hills State Park, California