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Cypress High School

Business and Applied Technology Department

9801 Valley View St., Cypress, CA 90360 (714) 220-4194

When we say, "Take a Career Class," we mean BUSINESS!

Course Description:

Computer Applications

Prerequisite: Beginning Typing

Computer Applications satisfies

the 'career' AND 'computer' graduation requirements

with a grade of C or better in both semesters.

First Quarter:

Students will use Macintosh Computers. First completing these tutorials which are on the hard drives of each computer: "Macintosh Basics" and "A Works Tour"

Read and complete the text of each chapter and complete all end-of-chapter exercises in the Microsoft Works book using Microsoft Works 3.0 or 4.0. This book contains activities for Word Processing, Drawing, Data Base, Spreadsheet, Telecommunication, and Integrated "Works" Features.

A unit on the Internet will be used if students finish with the above work early.

Second Quarter:

Instruction in ClarisWorks (Word Processing, Data Base, Spreadsheet, Telecommunications and Graphics). Internet if finished with above work early.


Grades will be based on tests, usually given on Fridays:

100% = A+

90% = A-

80% = B

70% = C

60% = D

0-59% = F

If behavior, attendance, and punctuality warrant, the lowest grade may will be dropped.

Third Quarter:

Computer Applications textbook where students are given applications to do and they decide which software to use (from the software they've already learned).

Internet if finished with above work early.

Fourth Quarter:

E-Mail andWeb Page construction using Claris Home Page and, if time allows, Desktop Publishing using Word Perfect .

Internet using Netscape

Following the successful completion of this class, students may elect any of the following business courses at either the high school or community college:

Word Processing Introduction to Business
AP Computer Science Accounting

To contact the instructor, write e-mail to: