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Welcome, to the Hayden High School Alumni Page!

Below is Hayden High School, Hayden Indiana, about 1970.

Photo Credit: Carl Morrison

Hayden Museum under the direction of Rodger Ruddick welcomes your e-mail at:

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Stories about Hayden and Hayden High.
These stories were written by Hayden students or Alumni. Send your story to the e-mail address at the end of this page.
Photos from Hayden, or of Hayden natives, Past and Present
These photos are of Hayden and the people who spent some time in Hayden and may be around the world now.
Above Hayden
IF you have a fast internet connection, take a look at this aerial view of Hayden. Photo by Don Morrison, Dec. 1988.
US Hwy 50, 1/4 mile west of Hayden, Indiana
Another very large aerial photo. Photo by Don Morrison, Dec. 1988.
E-mail addresses of Alumni
Connect with other Hayden Alumni: Bill Crockett '35, Carl '60 and Don Morrison '56, and YOU! Send me your e-mail address and year of graduation from HHS.

Hayden High School Alumni Page

Carl Morrison here, please send me e-mail at the link at the bottom so I know who has visited this page which was created 3/28/98. I'd like this to be a place for all Hayden High School Alums to be able to get connected to other Alums by learning their e-mail addresses here. This can also be a place to post your pictures, stories, web page addresses and anything else that can be sent electronically. The USPS address below is my work address (in case somebody from Paris Crossing or Medora gets this web address and wants to send me hate mail) for the next 4 years until I retire from teaching in 2002 when the Class of '60 will turn 60.

I realize the Class of '60, were the last grads from Hayden HIGH, but I'll bet I get more response from 'younger' Haydenites so you're welcome to contribute also! Maybe that should be the challenge, Each year's Class should see who makes more contacts here and I'll post the tally. So far:

Class of ' contact: Carl Morrison

Now, to the work at hand. I'd like someone near the Hayden Museum to tell Rodger Ruddick about this site AND to see if he can scan your picture from your yearbook and send it to me. I'll post that picture and your current picture. I kind of like my high school picture better...more hair!

I'll start this thing off by adding my old and current picture below and the Class of '60 picture. Beyond that, I don't have any other resources except for what you send me.

I'll also post a factual story I wrote about something that happened to me while at the family farm in Hayden.

Finally, I'll post some pictures I took at Hayden of things that might not still be there today...a little historical perspective!

Maybe someone could send some current pictures of Hayden School, the town, anything you think would be interesting to others who started in Hayden.

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Carl Morrison, Class of '60
Cypress High School
9801 Valley View
Cypress, CA 90630
United States