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1. Carl Morrison, Sr. Picture, 1960 2. Carl Morrison, 1997

Large Photos and Montages of Hayden Past and Present. Click 'Back' after viewing each photo.

Hayden School Photo Hall and Class of '60.
Photos here are large or montages so be prepared for long download times. Photo by Carl Morrison.
Hayden School and gym, 1997
Photo by Carl Morrison
Blish Mill, Seymour, Indiana, 1972
Photo by Carl Morrison
Along the B & O, 1972, between Hayden crossings.
Photo by Carl Morrison, yes, that's hiim.
Tim Mannix's 1983 pen and ink drawing of the 3 Hayden Schools.
You may still be able to buy this drawing. Contact: Hayden Museum:
Three jackasses and a kid.
Glen Morrison, Jack, Rex Reynolds, Carl Morrison on Morrison Farm, 1972. Photo by Joe Reynolds, Brownstown, Greenwood.
Hayden's on the Map!

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