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Technology Help

Carl "CyberMan" Morrison

Business and Applied Technology Dept.

This is no Bull!


I'm Carl Morrison and I have time 5th period to help you with technology...more specifically the Internet and Macintosh computers.

Please look at the list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) to see if this same problem has been solved and the solution noted. The FAQs are on the internet at:

I can schedule time to help you if you will fill out the following form and send it to my room.

Or, you can print the form from the Internet at:, fill it out and get it to me. Of course if you can print a form off the internet, you probably have no questions or problems!

You may e-mail the following information if it is more convenient. My e-mail address is:

What I need to know:

Your Name ________________________________________ Your room number ____________

Today's Date___________ Telephone No. ____________ E-Mail: __________

Specific type of equipment you need help with: __________________

The problem:











What you've done so far to fix the problem:






I may have suggestions for you to try before I get there in person.

When I do schedule time to help you, please have the following items:

For the Macintosh

The system disks that came with the computer

For the Printer

The disks (drivers) that came with the printer

If you are using Foolproof

The Foolproof password or Foolproof turned off

If you have a software problem

The original disks you installed.

If your computer has to be removed from your room to be fixed, will you need a replacement? _____

Do you mind if I send a student (with this paper) to try and fix the problem? ____

(Some teachers may not feel comfortable having a student work on 'their' computer, and that is understood.)


If you want a digital picture of yourself or your students, we have a connectix camera and the software...just ask. I you take student pictures, I have a handout titled, "How to use your digital picture once you have it on disk" that you can give students or use yourself.

(Did you notice how thin I made myself in the picture!) ---C.Morrison