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Free Web-Based E-Mail

Part II



By Carl Morrison,


Address of this page:


Once you go to the Hotmail site with your new login name and password, you will see this menu in the upper left corner of the screen:

Let's go through the Menu you will see at the left of most Hotmail pages:

The most-used menu item is "In-Box," where you see the mail you have received. In fact, this screen appears immediately after you login.

Notice: A Red triangle marks new mail. The unexplained check-box. The blue underlined sender's this to read your mail. The date it was sent. The subject of the message. The size of the message....if the message is just typing, it will be small. If the message has an attached picture, it's size will be over 100K.

The bottom of the In-Box shows what you can do with the messages using the check-boxes.

Note: Messages from Hotmail users only have their first and last names. Messages sent from other services have their complete address. aol stands for America Online.

If you want to check ALL the messages, just check the "Select all displayed messages."

If you want to handle each message individually, check it and change the box titled, (Move Checked Messages to Selected Folders) to show the folder youwant to put the message in. The 'Trash Can' differs from 'Delete' in that it will be emptied later by Hotmail staff, "Delete" immediately removes the message.

Once you've selected the correct folder for the message you've checked, click the "Move To" button.

By clicking "Compose" you receive this screen:

Fill in the TO: line with complete e-mail address(es)...or click "QuickList" to see a clickable list of all addresses you've saved so far.

Fill in the Subject: with something meaningful

CC: means a copy will be sent to the address you type in and the recipient will know a copy was sent to them

BCC: (blind copy) means the person whose address is on this line will receive a copy unbenounced to the person next to TO.

Put the message in the large scrollable box.

When Finished typing, check the 'Save Outgoing Message' box if you like, click the 'spell check' button, and finally click the "Send" button takes a few minutes for it to be sent. You will receive confirmation that your message has been sent with an "OK" button to click.

Use 'attachments' if you want to attach a file, like a picture, to your e-mail.

Some of the buttons are repeated at the bottom of the screen because you will theoretically be near the bottom of the screen when you finish typing the message...spell check button should be at the end!

By clicking "Addresses" you see this screen:

The easiest way to add an individual's name and address is to click "Save Address" when reading their e-mail.

You can edit names here, delete names, or click the blue underlined "Nickname" to start e-mail to that person.

At the bottom of the "Addresses" screen is the "Groups" section:

Here you can put in up to 50 e-mail addresses per folder making it easier to send mail to a group like all students in a class. "Edit" allows you to add or delete names in the group.

By clicking "Folders" you will see:

The important thing here is to realize that you can "Create" other folders...note the 3 I've created above. Note also that you can delete folders you have created, and edit them.

The "Options" menu item:

Some e-mailers end their messages with a 'signature.'

To leave Hotmail, click "Log Out"