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All Photos by Carl Morrison,]


Lime Kiln Light, San Juan Island, Washington (More)

Cattle Point Light, San Juan Island, Washington (More)

Mukilteo Lighthouse, near Everett, Washington, 1995




Point Arguello

1901, 1934


Where the California coast turns abruptly east, 250 miles south of San Francisco, the Point Arguello lighthouse was built in 1901. Isolated and difficult to supply, it was among the first Pacific coast lights to be automated. In 1934 it was razed and replaced by an airport-type beacon atop an iron skeleton tower. A radio beacon was placed on the point to assist the light in guiding mariners. Located on Vandenburg Air Force Base, Point Arguello is best seen by rail passengers riding past the point.

Above 2 photos and text from California Lighthouses, Point St. George to the Gulf of Santa Catalina by Bruce Roberts and Ray Jones

This is how the light looks today, from Amtrak's premier train, The Coast Starlight, Valentine's Day, 1999:


Point Conception Light

1856 and 1882

Some of America's worst coastal weather is where ocean currents collide at Point Conception--60 miles from Santa Barbara. Because of the danger to mariners, government officials selected it as one of the West's first lighthouses. It was constructed in 1854 and put in operation in 1856.

A second light, shown above, in 1882, was a fifty-two-foot tower and still guides mariners with its flashing light. The lighthouse is inaccessible to the public, but from The Coast Starlight, at least the point can be observed as the train travels along the coast between L.A. and Seattle.

Pt. Fermin Lighthouse, San Pedro, California, December, 1998 (More)

Point Vicente Lighthouse, "Hollywoods Favorite Lighthouse," Polos Verdes, California, January 9, 1999, 9 a.m.


Old Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego, California, 1998

Point Loma Light Station, San Diego, California, 1998


Kilauea, Hawaii, Old and New Lights


Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Nubble Light, York Beach, Maine, 1979

Great Lakes

Colchester Reef Lighthouse Shelborne Museum, Vermont

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Some VERY GOOD sites that I've found after searching the internet for "Lighthouses" are:

The only Student Quest Page on lighthouses that I've found is by Marla Snyder at Santee School, Franklin-McKinley School District, 1313 Audubon Dr., San Jose, CA 95122:

The best part of the above site (for me) is the listing of all California lighthouses with links to the light house's own page, if they have one, or other's pages about each lighthouse:

The Lighthouse Locator page has pictures and information on some lighthouses, I haven't researched that site to know if they are lighthouses the webmaster has visited or more. Appealing, unique website design:

The National Maritime Initiative office within the National Park Service (NPS) which specializes in preserving America's maritime heritage has a site:

Part of the NPS site is called, " Publicly Accessible Lighthouses: Pacific Coast". Of course you can branch to other Pacific Coast states and their lighthouses here too. This a very professional site listing the following: Location: Nearest City: Owner/Manager: Current Use: Hours Open to the Public: Access: and Phone: of all sites listed:

Use this URL for all US lighthouses with public access:

A good private page of a couple who have spent what looks like a lifetime finding and photographing lighthouses is at:

They have an interesting page called: Lighthouses with Accommodations at:

Another page of Lighthouses offering Accommodations. This is where I learned of the lighthouse where we first stayed, Point Arena Light, California:

If you're hooked on lighthouses by now, you might want to check the home page of the U.S. Lighthouse Society:

With accommodations at Point Arena, I gave my wife the PBS book, and later bought one of their 3 vidoes, called Legendary Lighthouses...a VERY professional site: