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The World World Wide

Welcome to the fourth tape in

Classroom Connect's

lnternet Revealed Series!


This tape serves a dual purpose: In the first 30 minutes you and your students will be introduced to the Internet's World Wide Web and learn how to begin navigating it in your classroom. Then, after a brief intermission, you'll receive a 20-minute hands-on tutorial to help you master NetScape, the Internet's most powerful and popular Web browser


Web Sites

Internet addresses for online sites visited during this tape

NetScape Web Searching Page


„Nine Planets Tour


„Shakespeare Headquarters


„Thomas Database


„Virtual Frog Dissection Kit


Where to get Web browser software

Online sites where you can get a free copy of the hottest Web browser software


Ftp to: Go to the NetScape subdirectory

NCSA Mosaic Ftp to:

Go to the wentworth/Internet-Software subdirectory

Glossary of Web Terms

World Wide Web: An Internet browsing system that allows for point-and-click navigation of Net information. Web documents use hypertext, which incorporates text and graphical hyperlinks to other documents and files on the internet.

Web browser: Software that enables Internet users to surf the World Wide Web. See the front of this card for where to get your free copy of the latest browser software.

Hyperlink: A blue word or graphic found on a Web page. When you click on a hyperlink, it "links" you to information found somewhere on the Internet.

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language: Programming "language" on the World Wide Web which turns text files into hyperlinked Web pages. HTML tutorials for making your own Web pages can be found here:



Web Page: An online document on the World Wide Web which can contain text-based information as well as graphics, sounds, and video clips, as well as links to other Web pages.

HTTP - Hypertext Transport Protocol: The protocol used to transfer Web pages over the Internet. The letters "http" always precede the address of a Web page.

For example:

Home Page: The "table of contents" of a Web site. The home page is the first document you see when you access a Web site.

URL - Universal Resource Locator: All Internet addresses you can access via Web browser software are preceded with the letters URL. in this way, users can access ftp, gopher, telnet, Usenet newsgroups, and Web pages using Web software.

For example:

URL: URL: telnet://

URL: gopher://ericir/ URL:


Gopher: Allows Internet users to browse databases of online information using menus.

The search tool for gopher is Veronica.

Gopher to: URL: gopher://

Ftp - File Transfer Protocol: Allows Internet users to upload (send) and download (retrieve) programs and documents to and from online sites. The search tool for ftp is Archie. After logging in, type help for help.

Telnet to: Login: archie URL: telnet://

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