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Welcome, Friends!

This is a 'launch point' to see how Carl Morrison has been wasting his time. Bookmark as you wish. The bookmark will be titled simply: Wasted Times. Come back often, I'll add a web page for each trip we take. This page is only for friends so please keep it a secret...especially from my students! To e-mail me, write to: Below: "Southern California Springtime by Carl Morrison" Just a bike ride away from our home.

How YOU can Waste Time too (Click the "Back" button above to return after visiting links below):

1. Chino Hills State Park, Riverside County, California
A bike ride in the country I've found inside this Megatropolis called Southern California. 3/24/98
2. Hayden High School, Hayden, Indiana, Alumni Page
My Alma Mater and my attempt to 'give something back.' 5/28/98
3. Tamarack Beach Resort, Carlsbad, California
Where I spend at least a week a year with my family.4/24/98
4. My First Home Page
Lots of photos and links to online stories I've written...enjoy! 1997
5. San Elijo Ecological Reserve, San Diego County, California
A nice place to birdwatch shorebirds in an estuary. Manchester exit off I-5 south of Carlsbad before Del Mar. 4/22/98
6. Walking Sticks, April, 1998
You know I have too much time on my hands when I start doing web pages on Walking Stick! Have a look! 7/20/98
7. What can I do with an Internet Connection in my classroom?
... 3/25/98
8. Suggested web related books and WWW sites.
... 6/11/98
9. A Computer Using Educators Conference report.
10. Frequently Asked Questions
11. More Frequently Asked Questions
12. Colleagues and Students
A launchpad for colleagues and students 5/31/98
13. My Mentor Plan 1998-99
14. Our Vacation Spot
Tamarack Beach Resort, Carlsbad, California 4/24/98
15. Web Page Authoring Workshop
April 20, 1998 workshop notes 4/16/98
16. Carl's Train Page
Rail travel pictures of Amtrak Santa Barbara, Amtrak Los Angeles, Amtrak Seattle. 6/17/98
17. Amtrak San Diegan 60th Anniversary
Rail trip with handicapped friend to L.A. from Fullerton, CA.
18. AUHSD Mentor Teacher Survey
19. Conference Report
of the Connected Classroom's Nat'l. Conference Nov. 5 - 8, 1997.
20. Introduction to the Internet class materials
Cypress College class. If you are looking for an Internet Connection, check out Session 1.4. Over 4,000 ISPs are listed there.
21. Nifty Knits Personalized Gift Items
Order baby blankets, golf towels, burp towels, and bath mats.
22. Del Mar Fair, June 20, 1998
A solo trip on the Amtrak San Diegan from Fullerton, California, to Solana Beach then on to the Fair.
23. "Big Red," 1956 Chevy Delrey
Drove her from Indiana to California in July, 1998, turning heads all the way.
24. San Elijo Lagoon, San Diego County, CA
San Elijo Lagoon, San Diego, CA.
25. Claris Home Page Instructions
A tutorial for students learning to use Claris Home Page.
26. Colleague Page
A page designed for my colleagues.
27. Computer Applications Class
Computer Applications Page at Cypress High School
28. Index of sites for Friends
An Index of web sites for friends
29. Photos from Hayden, Indiana
Yesteryear in Hayden, Indiana
30. Stories about Hayden, Indiana
Stories about Hayden, Indiana
31. A form for help with computers
A form for help with computers
32. Tutorial on Registering for Hotmail
A student tutorial on how to register for web-based e-mail.
33. Tutorial on Using Hotmail
A student tutorial on how to use Hotmail
34. Keyboarding
35. Keyboarding (7k)
Keyboarding (7K)
36. Ye Ol' Homeplace
Hayden, Indiana, Hwy. 50 west. 37. Chevrolet History
A pictorial history of Chevrolets as seen in Orange County, California, at various car shows in 1998 Updated: Sept. 21, 1998. 38. Introduction To The Internet
My Cypress College Syllabus for Introduction to the Internet class. 10/20/98 39.John Cesareo's Sunset Restorations: Classic Cars and Trucks
... 40.Halloween Amtrak Trip Fullerton to Santa Barbara Round Trip. 11/1/98
... 41.Page of Cypress High Alum graduation picture of those who have contacted the Cypress High School Alumni Page.
... 42. Pretty true story about Car Guys.
... 43. A Christmas present of "Body Parts".
... 44. Family trip to Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, Washington.
... 45. Some Indicators of individual characteristics for achieving success for both students and teachers in digital classrooms.
... 46. Notes by Carl Morrison of a Photo Composition Workshop, Del Mar, CA, by Michael Seewald.
... 47. Lighthouse Index 48. Claris Home Page Instructions 49. Conference report of the 1999 Computer Using Educators Conference in Palm Springs, CA 50. Fords at TriCity Park, July 24, 1999 51. Summer Travels 1999