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Anaheim Union High School District
Look for Cypress then Morrison, then check the links I have there.

Cypress High School
April 20, 1998
Web Page Authoring Workshop
Carl Morrison

In addition to what is on this disk, you will need the following (from Carl Morrison or elsewhere). Give him a disk on which to copy these items if you want them.
1. Instructions for Solution #2 for Mac or PC
2. Instructions for Solution #1 for PC
3. The program: Claris Home Page (2 disks)
Netscape Navigator is downloadable from the Internet or Carl has a Mac version on a CD if your computer has a CD drive.
The day of the workshop, in addition to this disk, the following items were handed out:
1. A hard copy of the worksheets titled: Claris Home Page Product Solution #1
2. A hard copy of the worksheets titled: Claris Home Page Product Solution #2
3. A handout titled: How to use your digital picture once youhave it on your disk.
4. A handout titled: Web Pages (Made with Claris Home Page) Without Fear
5. A handout titled: How to scan a photo
6. A handout titled: How to convert a scanned photo to GIF or JPEG format to use on the internet.

How To Scan A Photo

1. Turn on the Scanner and start the computer connected to it.
2. On the launcher click "One Scanner Dispatcher" once.
3. Put in a formatted Mac disk.
4. Put picture on glass face down, close the lid.
5. Pull down "File" and select "New Scan."
6. Set: Flatbed
Click "Preview"
7. Use mouse to select the part of the scan to finally scan.
8. Rotate if needed under "Image."
9. Under "Image" select "Brighten" and raise brightness to 32, click "OK."
Under "File" select "Save As."
Select the 3.5" disk and open.
Put in title (exactly as original)
File format: GIF
11. Give Mr. Morrison the disk or eject your disk and use at your machine.

How to convert scanned photos
for use on the Internet
Carl Morrison

The internet and all the computers that connect to it will successfully read 2 types of graphics: JPEG or GIF
Even if your scanning software lets you "save as" one of these two formats, they still need to be converted for the internet.
1. Boot "GIFConverter 2.3.7" (from the workshop disk)
2. Pull down 'file' and select 'open'
3. Direct it to the picture you've scanned and saved and open it. You can use the pull down menus to change the features of the photo if you like.
4. Pull down 'file' and select 'save as'
5. Be sure 'file type' is GIF and there is a .GIF after the file name.
6. Select 'save'
7. Now you can upload this picture to your online web page of use it on your on-disk web page.

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