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Web Page Authoring Workshop

Carl Morrison, Cypress High,

This handout is stored at:


This workshop will progress from simple to complex and you can jump in at any point where you feel comfortable and able to work on your own following a tutorial. However, you can start at the beginning where most of my attention will be devoted. My role will be to author and provide to you tutorials leading you through each step in the process. Once you receive this sheet, you may begin the work if you like. Feel free to work through the tutorials outside of the workshop's appointed times and e-mail me your qustions, or contact me otherwise when you need help. After the workshop, I hope you will develop and post some web pages, and again you are welcome to ask me for help.

Because of 'preregistration' I see that many of you already have an e-mail address. However, you will need an e-mail address where access is available from the media center computers (unlike AOL which needs software other than Netscape). Therefore, if you do not yet have an e-mail address accessible from the media center (try it before the workshop if you are not sure) I suggest that before the date of this workshop you print a copy and follow the tutorial posted at

and sign up for hotmail which is accessible in the school's media center. We have so much to cover that day, this will insure that we reach our goals outlined below.

---Carl Morrison

What you will need:

1. An Internet connected computer.

The tutorials you will be following are all posted on the internet. You can read and follow the tutorials online, or print them and follow them now or later. Not all work has to be performed online, so a computer not connected to the itnernet, of the same type you use while online, will be fine for offline work.

2. Tutorials from me teaching you each step of the process of authoring web pages.

3. Materials you want to post on the internet.

This would include whatever you want to post, text, pictures, either typed and saved on disk or hard copies, or composed at the time of need.

4. Access to the computer program, Claris Home Page.

What you will be learning:

1. Sign up for free web-based e-mail. (This should be accomplished before the workshop date.)

Since you need an e-mail address to have free web space for posting a web page, you first need to get that e-mail address. Even if you already have an e-mail address you need to get this second address for a number of reasons. The first is, you can use this e-mail address today and any other time on any internet connected computer anywhere whereas many e-mail addresses require specific software and couldn't be used during the workshop.It is always a good idea to have a second e-mail address in case you can't get to your first one, or in case you are asked for your e-mail address and you don't want to give your primary address. I would suggest using the same login name and password so you don't have a new set of things to remember to use this new e-mail address.

2. Send e-mail to the instructor.

What you send me is outlined in the handout.

3. Receive e-mail from the instructor and anyone you tell your address.

4. Sign up for free web page space to post web pages for all to see.

Tutorial is located at:

5. Create a web page following online instructions at the web page provider's page.

At this point you may create and post a web page made up of text for use at work or for pleasure.

6. Follow a tutorial to create a web page off line using a web page authoring program.

7. Create an original web page using the same software.

Bring something (text) you want to post as a web page...a class handout, or your curriculum paper perhaps. If you bring it already typed on a Mac disk, we can just copy it into the web authroing application and you won't have to retype it.

8. Upload your original web page to the World Wide Web.

9. Scanning your photographs for use in your web pages. Using a digital camera.

If you have time before (or during) the workshop to visit internet sites, you might enjoy this one which I authored. It uses some basic stuff you will learn in the Claris Home Page tutorials:


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