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Web Masters:

If you want to author web pages, you might want to borrow one or more of these books from me:

Digital Photography for Dummies (with a CD)

Official HTML Publishing for Netscape, Mac Ed. (W/CD)

The World Wide Web for Teachers (W/CD)

Educator's Guide to Web Whacker ((W/CD of the program Web Whacker)

24 Hours in Cyberspace (W/CD)

Internet Driver's License (W/CD)

Educator's Essential Internet Training System (w/tapes/Power Point presentation on disk)

Internet (4-tape set)

Classroom Connect Newlsetter (3 years back issues)

Web Publishing for Teachers (W/CD)

Web Pages for Dummies (W/CD)

Creating Great School Web Pages (W/CD)

Educator's Internet CD Ver. 1 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4

Educator's Internet CD Teacher's Resource Pack (CD)

Contact me for availability: (714) 220-4194, e-mail: cmptrtchr1@aol.com, cptrtchr@hotmail.com


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by Carl Morrison, cmptrtchr1@aol.com

Check web sites you read about in the morning paper, or go directly to the paper, or get an e-copy of something you read in the paper and duplicate it for your class

, ,

Check sites you heard about last night on TV

Check the freeway conditions before you head for home http: http://www.scubed.com/caltrans/la/la_big_map.shtml

E-mail people you don't have time to call (or don't have access to a phone in your room) colleagues, counselors

E-mail parents so the message is at home that evening for them to read. Have students give you their parent's e-mail address the first day of class.

E-mail school district personnel who have a terminal, at this site or district wide, everyone from Jan down

Supt. Billings: , Arlene , Dr. Brennan , (syntax: LastnameUnderscoreFirstinitial@auhsd.k12.ca.us)

Sign up for free web-based e-mail so you can check your mail on ANY computer in the world that is connected. And, have your address book and old mail saved on their server for access Anywhere you go online.

E-mail textbook vendors, school supply companies, computer vendors, etc.

Go to web sites for subject-specific lesson plans

Go to colleague's pages for teacher links and teacher pages

Look at school web pages around the world as a model for your page

Read e-mail assignments students have sent you. Grade them on screen.

Record the grades in you on-screen gradebook. Return the graded 'papers' via e-mail having never lifted a red pen nor #2 pencil!

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Carl Morrison's Bookmarks

Apple Web Sites

Apple Computer Apple Education Apple Higher Education: The Apple Virtual Campus Apple Networking and Server Products Advanced Technology Group Apple Developer Services and Products

Career Information

1996-97 Occupational Outlook Handbook Welcome to jobhunt.com CRC: Your Online Career Resource Center Dictionary of Occupational Titles--Selected DOT Descriptions for U.S. Business Immigration Applications

Carl Misc.

SEIKO MessageWatch Send Message Page My Excite Channel traveltales.com HoTMaiL - The World's FREE Web-Based Email THE DAILY BIKINI Caltrans District 12 - Orange County Freeway Speeds Carl Morrison's Home Page //www.scantv.com/ Welcome to L.L. Bean Welcome to Amazon.com Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore Fire in the Hold! The Day My Computer Lab Almost Melted Down //www.i-link.net/ Greeting Cards for an Awesome Mom by Awesome Cyber Cards( Manhood - Great Dad Stories GIFConverter THE DAILY OVERLOOK

Computer Information

Apple Computer Netscape Navigator 4 - Kurt's Kool Sites CNET.COM CUE National Conferences Welcome to the CUE Web Site Orange County Computer-Using Educators MainFunction Home Page Welcome to Gateway 2000 USA Netscape Page Wizard ClubPDA Classroom Connect Course Technology Online Resource Center CUE Web Site: Main Menu Dell OptiPlex Desktops Internet World Table of Contents - June 1997 Welcome to MacUser!

Customer Support

Apple World Wide Technical Support Apple Support and Information Web

Digital High School

New Technology High School The Digital High School - To Apply

Educational Sites Incl. Coll & Univ

ERGO!'s Euthanasia World Directory Social Security Online The American Teacher Awards - Teacher Activities New Perspectives on the Internet -- Introductory T1 thomson.com Catalogs InterEd, Phoenix, AZ Los Angeles Times Small Business Course Technology Downloads -- Faculty Online Companion E110-109 Syllabus, Fall 96 UCLA's New Web-sters Web School Preview - Junior/Senior Level California League of Middle School Classroom Connect coi2049d.ok Review Copies T.H.E. JOURNAL California State University Fullerton Meet the Faculty Cypress College Home Page Welcome to MiraCosta College State EE's Page CPS Home e-CourseWare Home Page PBS Online: Welcome! NASA Shuttle Web: STS-84 Y-Life: May '97: Top Wired Colleges #2 This Week's Chronicle: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Academe Today: Internet Resources National High School Association Home Page CLMS Welcome Anaheim Union High School District Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Home Page National Education Association (NEA) South-Western Educational Publishing The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academe Today

Food and Drink

Gevaliaš Kaffe

Free Web-Based E-Mail

Addresses from WWWiz.com

Welcome to @WWWiz HoTMaiL - The World's FREE Web-Based Email traveltales.com Backpackers.com - the independent travel community Welcome to MailCity! Welcome to NetAddress! RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail SUPERNEWS - Free E-Mail


The Three Stooges! NMSS: Related Resources


All New Looney Tunes Web Cards! The Herald Link - Dave Barry Muppets.com Fire in the Hold! The Day My Computer Lab Almost Melted Down The Top Ten Lists from LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN THE LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN The Dilbert Zone


20th Century Industries - Home Page

Internet Activities Book URLs

URLs from Internet Activities textbook by southwestern, for use at Cypress High and Cypress College

Internet Activities Starting Points for Internet Exploration Caltech Observing Plans for Comet Shoemaker-Levy Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page (JPL)

Internet Class Stuff

Sector 3 Activities


94.7 KTWV "The Wave" Los Angeles, CA Kazu and Keiko Matsui Chris Ho1 (Page 1)


California Labor Market Information - Graphics Version DOI -- Automated Vacancy Announcement System


The Ultra-Lounge

News & Weather

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition TheWIRE - News From The Associated Press USA TODAY hot sites -- what's new, cool and notable on the Web Los Angeles Times Table of Contents USA Weather USA TODAY Los Angeles Times Web Site Los Angeles Times Laugh Lines CNN Interactive


Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast!


The Dave Bassett Photo Gallery The Secret Garden ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY-Fine art photography-Terry Staler Michale Seewald's Gallery Monte's Photographic Education and Digital Resource Center/Articles Our Home Page KODAK: Guide To Better Pictures Seattle FilmWorks


P&B Textiles


Martha Stewart Living Personal Mac: The Reference Desk What time is it?

Searching On The Web

THE DAILY OVERLOOK HotBot Yahoo! Search Results Welcome to Lycos The Lycos Home Page


Welcome To CompareNet! Welcome to Amazon.com! Earth's Biggest Bookstore OVERVIEW OF TMW WEBSITE Welcome to L.L. Bean STORE FINDER

Social Science

California Sex Offenders Backbone of America This Day in History

Software Developers

Claris Taligent Netscape Aladdin Systems Fetch NCSA Telnet MacPing


1997 Cal State Fullerton Baseball Schedule Excite Sports: Indiana Hoosiers Baseball Across America Surfcam Australia American League sba03.htm Scoreboard CART Online! IRL - 1997 Indianapolis 500

Start Your Own Business

Lesson Plan from Classroom Connect, Summer 1997 issue

Capitalism FAQ MapQuest! Welcome! Self-Employed Starting a Business Dead Economists Society U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence, and other early writings of the Republic Capitalism in Russia How To Start A Business On The Internet


Amtrak The Coast Starlight...Traveling between San Diego and Seattle THE RAILROAD PAGE Trains North to Seattle by Amtrak Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page B&O Railroad Museum: Home Page


Best Fares Magazine Get Travel Holidays Fairfield Inn PARKNET:The National Park Service Place on the Web National Parks Electronic Bookstore Main Mall Indianapolis, IN "San Diego Sightseeing Biplane Air Tours and Air Combat" Princeton, IN HOME page Look for a Days Inn Hoosier On-Line Systems ParkNet Park Store Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Internet Entrance Yahoo! - Recreation:Outdoors:Parks:United States:National Parks Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Hiking & Backpacking Great Smoky Mountains Cambria Carlsbad California USA TourBookš Accommodations Search Form Trek Across Siberia TravelASSIST Travel Magazine - The Webs First On-line Travel Mag AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California Washington State Ferries North to Seattle by Amtrak Welcome to Kenmore Air Washington Lighthouses Cattle Point Light California Lighthouses Travel & Leisure Magazine Broadway Limited Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page Hope your vacation is "absolutely duckie!"

VILLAGE RESORTS - The Cliffs at Princeville HOWZIT.COM - Live Hawaiian Web Cameras Hawaii, This Week Travel Magazines in Hawaii The Property - Waimea Plantation Cottages US50 COAST to COAST. A Journey Across America on US 50, also known as Highway 50 or Route 50. US 50 Coast to Coast documents the journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific. US50 COAST to COAST. A Journey Across America on US 50, also known as Highway 50 or Route 50. US 50 Coast to Coast documents the journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific. US50 COAST to COAST. A Journey Across America on US 50, also known as Highway 50 or Route 50. US 50 Coast to Coast documents the journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Waimea Plantation Cottages - Accomodations waimea plantation cottages, island map Waimea Plantation Cottages

Web Cams

<=-The Spectrum CityCam-=>

Western Internet Workshop 9/29/97

Western Hosts' World Wide Web Expert, Carl Morrison

Writing & Reading

Los Angeles Times Special Report Reader's Digest World


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