Matt's Song to Abby If you have 'Real Audio Player'* click here to hear Matt's song to Abby on their wedding day. Sound Engineer for Wedding Song Paul Cunningham His vacation page: Chino Hills State Park, Riverside County, California Carl took a bike ride 3/15/98 and would like to show you what he saw. Carl's Original Home Page at AOL Carl first learned to make Home Pages by using his space at America Online. Go here and look for a link to my very first Home Page (created by someone else). Also, a link to a story I wrote for NEA. *Download Real Audio Player here. Direct Links to '95 and '96 Photos After viewing the '95 photos, change the '95' to '96 in the URL to see more. Direct Link to '97 Photos Which is your favorite Photo? Send E-Mail to and tell me which photo you'd pay money for!

I have such nice friends, here's what they say about my web page photos:

"I just wanted to tell you that your web page was amazing. I want to know how you of all people found the time to create something so great. Mary and I enjoyed reading and viewing your pictures from Chino Hills State Park. That must have been a beatiful bike ride and a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Those pictures on your web page were of great quality."

--Eric Dowell


--Heidi Hamilton

"Nice page!...I really enjoyed the Chino Hills pictures! The colors are outstanding! Makes me want to go for a ride right now."

--A Friend

"I visited your web site! Wow!!! I was truly impressed by the professional quality of your photographs. I have always taken pictures (snapshots) since high school and wish I had the type of talent you do. Keep up the good work. Oh, do the book, do the would be great.

--Michael Manuele CHS '77

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